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To reduce the amount of global waste, AdiShakti Essence has decided to re-accept glass containers back from customers in exchange for a discount offer.

Return of Containers/Tare

Container return conditions:

The following containers are accepted back:
- Glass jars with lids (50 gr and testers)

- Aluminium jars (30 gr, 50 gr & 150 gr)
Containers are accepted back, WITHOUT the following external defects:
- Scratches — cracks — Chips

• The container must be clean • The container must contain the original components (lids and other parts) • The container is accepted from 5 units • The container is sent at the expense of the sender or is accepted in the city of Tallinn. To get a discount, send a photo of the container you wish to return to our mailing address, we will evaluate the container and after its arrival at our office we will charge a discount on the next purchase.
*The discount is calculated personally for each customer.


Invite a friend



Invite a friend and both of you get -10% discount on all products. You receive discount for your next order, and your friend for her first order. To get a discount, contact us on Instagram @adishakti_essence or by email


* This a one time discount, but you can invite another friend and get again -10% so is your new friend.

* Discount does not apply for goods that are already discounted!

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